Safe & Secure...

SAS transport people on a daily basis in a "Secure Transport" environment with a "Secure & Safe" program.

SAS are renowned for our friendly transport we transport people to and from doctors, hospitals, ferry terminals, heliports, airports, business meeting, schools, party's, weddings, movies, shows or just a night out.

SAS service caters for babies, children, teens, adults both able and disabled, the elderly, mental health patients, rape victims, women from women's refuges, Rest Home customers, hospitals including person/s who are at risk from abusive people. SAS transport you there and back, all within the average persons budget.

SAS continue to do work for:- Multi-Serve, ACC, NZ Police, Winz, A.A, St Johns, RSA, Blind Foundation etc. including most Rest Homes in the Auckland region and all of the Hospitals both public and private.

SAS are NOT a "Taxi Company"

Group Transport...

Each of our vehicles can carry up 11 passengers, if booked 20 hours in advance then the rate is only $75 per hour, it's simple only one price per van, there is no charge per person.

Book 6 hours ahead (minimum booking time) & you'll receive the same rate as above. For large group bookings we need a minimum of 24 hours to secure the booking, rate is $75 per hour per van , no booking fee applies.

Urgent - under 5 hours notice then SAS is a license approved small passenger services operator under the transport services act 1989 section 20-22 and can operate as a shuttle with specially trained drivers.
Major credit cards are accepted in the all of our vehicles. All SAS vehicles are available for group transport, passengers can choose from our 10 and 11 seater vehicles.

These vehicles are available for School Runs, Group Functions, Wedding Party Transport and/or hourly hireage.

Girls Night Out...

Thinking about a girls night out ?

SAS can transport you & your party of friends safely & securely to where ever you want, whether it be a party, engagement, hen night, wedding, strippers night, works function, show or just a night on the town.

Travelling with SAS means you don't have to worry about a sober driver, about your friends or family having to find transport home, everyone will arrive on time together & arrive home safely.

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